About MSpace Service Desk

Service Desk is a service that makes customer support simplified. Perfect responses and increase in agents' efficiency promoted. Builds customers' trust based on transparency, contextual responses and estimated time for resolution of issues.....

Pricing of Service Desk

We offer the best support system in Kenya. Get in touch to get started. Change your customer experience with us at our affordable prices........

Benefits of Service Desk

Fast & Efficient,automated issue allocation,report generation,email notification automation,team sharing,track conversations,export to excel reports ,Customer ratings .........

Service Desk Propagates Team work and Efficiency

Service Desk builds on team work to provide great support and provide quick and consistent answers to customers .. Your solution is with us.........

Features of Service Desk

Keep track of All Conversations

Consistent Responses

Quick,consistent responses to ticket within its context.
Inbox Management

Share remarks with experts across your company to figure out the best solution for the issue at hand.
Assignment Collision

Automated assignment of issues to ensure multiple agents are not working on the same issue.
Ticket Status Progress

System shows progress of the ticket at every identified stage.

Team Work Resolution of issues

Secure by Nature

People invited to see a ticket cannot access any other Ticket.
Team Work

Share remarks with experts across your company to figure out the best solution for the issue at hand.
Issue Sharing

Share ticket with third parties or colleagues to solve the customer issue faster. No costs incurred or loss of visibility or access to it.

No app-switching. Discuss issues raised within its context.

Great Support across all channels


Real-time delivery notifications. Know when your agents/customers make remarks,feedback,create issues and resolution.

Provide customer details to ease communication via phone.
Mspace Whatsapp

Instant Chat support. Instant delivery/reply of queries.

Instant SMS support. Instant delivery of notifications.

Customers Interaction

Feedback Mechanism

Automated notification via email to assigned agent when a feedback is made. Provides visibility and access to the ticket.
Remark Mechanism

Automated notification via email to parties involved when a remark is made. Provides visibility and access to the ticket.
Visibility of Ticket

Customer views progress of ticket during different stages and remarks given by associated parties.
Resolution Time Set

Set expected time to resolve an issue to enable transparency. Let customer know when they should expect a response or resolution of an issue.

Measures that improve efficiency

Automated Ticket Dispatch

Default assignment of issues to agents. Instant Email notification of dispatched ticket.
Automated Email Notification

Instant email notification of closed/resolved issues,remarks and feedback.
Report Generation

Generate excel reports of issues depending on their status. Further analysis can be done.
Customer Feedback Ratings

Rating of the services by the customer.

Benefits of Service Desk

Fast & efficient
By far the quickest, easiest and most effective way to solve your customers' issues and engage them on a most personal level.
Automated Issue Allocation
Automated issue allocation to agents and notification of the agent and the customer the ticket belongs to.
Team Sharing
Share the issue at hand with colleagues and third parties to resolve issue faster and give comprehensive feedback to customers. Consistent with the ticket context.
Issue Reports
Get accurate and detailed real-time reports on your ticket progress and the status at all stages.
Export Reports to Excel
Export generated reports to excel. In Excel format
Customer Satisfactory Ratings
Customer feedback rating of every ticket resolved.
Automated Email Notifications
Instant email delivery notification of new, resolved, unresolved, remark and feedback made.
Tracking Conversations
No loss of ticket visibility or access. Know the progress of your issue at every stage, remarks made and responses, expected time of completion and assigned personnel.
Email Attachments
Attach documents, images, video clips or any other file.

Service Desk Pricing

Full Package

One Month Free Trial

KES 3000/= per user per month

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Service Desk service

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Notification performance

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